DESNIC 200ml Aerosol

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DESNIC 200ml Aerosol

colourless surface disinfectant

A ready-to-use, alcohol-based disinfection spray for disinfecting wet-wipeable surfaces, objects and washable textiles. It is perfume and dye-free and is effective against grampositive and negative bacteria, fungi and enveloped viruses (such as Corona, Influenza etc.). It is NOT suitable for use directly on humans or animals!

It has to be  shaken vigorously before use. For surface disinfection, spray the pre-cleaned surface from 15 - 20 cm until it is completely wet and covered. Let the sprayed surface dry. Wiping is usually not necessary. Avoid eye and skin contact with the active ingredient and do not inhale the spray.

Made in Germany

Alwasy read label and Product information before use
Biocide Registration number
BAuA-Reg.-Nr. N-49417


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