Viñas de Oro Pisco Italia

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1 l = 36.43 €

Viñas de Oro Pisco Italia 700ml 41% alcohol

Viñas de Oro Pisco Italia is made from 100% Italia grapes that ripen in strictly controlled cultivation in the bodega's own vineyards. It is a masterfully balanced aromatic Pisco Puro and the typical Pisco for the classic cocktail Pisco Punch.

Pisco Italia caresses the senses with a naturally fresh bouquet of citrus and jasmine blossoms, which is accompanied by a touch of fruity notes of mango and pineapple. A harmonious mix of tropical fruit flavors and a gentle hint of citrus notes unfold on the palate. The elegant finish is finely rounded and velvety with nuances of honey and white raisins

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